Please sell the O's, Mr. Angelos [Letter]

I have become disenchanted with the sportswriters at The Sun, namely the ones who cover the Orioles. Whether it be from intimidation or any other alibi, they are afraid to lash out at the Orioles' majority owner, Peter Angelos.

Does anyone in their proper mind think this man would be tolerated in New York?

Peter Schmuck used to be more critical of the organization and Mr. Angelos. But something happened on the way back to the team's most assured mediocrity this coming season ("Orioles surely can afford a big free agent, Jan. 22).

There are some idiots who lambaste Mr. Angelos' character on The Sun's sports blogs. While I am uber critical of him as a baseball team owner, I do not take the low road. I respect his accomplishments as the owner of a law firm. But as I have stated many times before, he treats his majority ownership of the Orioles as a hobby.

I reiterate that this team will never flourish under his tenure. To me, that's pathetically sad for the fans who have remained faithful to the ball club throughout the most trying of times.

In the name of what would be most proper and fair for the fans and the organization, I wish he would simply swallow his pride and sell the team. And please, not to his sons. As the lovable, late Charley Eckman used to say, "It's a simple ballgame."

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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