For safety's sake, U.S. should pull out of Sochi Olympics [Letter]

I believe the timing is right. Critical decisions should be made to keep our Olympic athletes and coaches at home. The environment is simply too volatile to send our athletes and coaches to Sochi.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is bound and determined to pull off the Sochi Olympics, no matter what. But when factions boldly state they will target fans who come to Sochi, the situation becomes so much more complex and convoluted.

I ask the U.S. Olympic Committee and Congress to keep our athletes stateside. A bold act like this would likely prompt action from other nations who are contemplating the same decision.

Yes, our nation would probably suffer very negative press from around the world if they chose to back out (especially if the Olympics go off without a hitch).

Yes, I'm cognizant how grueling it is for our athletes and coaches who are fortunate enough to make the cut and participate at the Olympic Games. And, as always we would be so very proud of our athletes, no matter how well, or poorly, they perform.

But let's be aware that, after all, they are only games.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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