Mooney continues to suck the life out of Md. GOP

It's been nearly a year since Alex Mooney turned his back on the Maryland Republican Party, quit as chairman, turned tail, and fled to West Virginia in dogged pursuit of the Congressional seat he has always coveted. But Mooney continues to do damage to Republican candidates and conservatism on Maryland.

As noted by The Quinton Report, a number of Republican elected officials in Maryland are transferring money from their state campaign accounts to Alex Mooney's congressional campaign account in West Virginia. This comes on the heels of earlier fundraisers Mooney held in Potomac and Timonium featuring former Govenor Bob Ehrlich and Congresman Andy Harris respectively.

 Mooney is so dependent on Maryland fundraising because relatively few donors on his most detailed donor report are actually from West Virginia.

 Unfortunately Alex Mooney has a history of doing things that benefit him and only him at the expense of Maryland Republicans. Upon his election as Maryland Republican Party chairman in 2010, he pledged to raise over half a million dollars, a goal that he fell far short of. During a time in which the Maryland Republican Party fell deeper into debt, Mooney was focused more on raising over $100,000 for a run for Congress in Maryland's 6th district that he ultimately abandoned. 

Mooney was so distracted from his duties as state party chairman that Red Maryland was among the first leading Republicans to call for Mooney's resignation, and despite Mooney attacking us and declaring his intention to stay, we ultimately predicted his resignation almost to the day.

Mooney, ever the self-centered egomaniac, can feel free to run for Congress in his new home state. However he needs to stop doing damage to the Republican base and conservstive movement that he abandoned in favor of his own selfish interests.

--Brian Griffiths is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. He is chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans. and has worked on and advised numerous local, state and federal campaigns. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.

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