Salisbury hazing was childish and dangerous [Letter]

I am forever grateful that my Kappa Alpha fraternity at Washington College didn't conduct childish hazing like Sigma Alpha Epsilon is accused of doing at Salisbury University ("Legislators propose tougher penalties for hazing in wake of Salisbury University case," Jan. 13).

Our pledges were assigned duties such as cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming rugs, painting steps, cutting grass and wiping down the windows of the fraternity house. These and other chores kept the house and grounds sparkling and made us look forward to becoming full-fledged members who could sit back and watch the next group of pledges do the work. That was the extent of our hazing.

The alleged hazing by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was not only childish but dangerous. Is there no ingenuity from the leaders of this fraternity? What about having the pledges help the town's disadvantaged children? Set up a big brothers program; organize some after school sports activities; or perhaps bring some high school seniors to campus and show them around.

Isn't it more sensible to show compassion to others or to simply lend a hand to someone in need than to plunge a prospective brother into a tub of ice water?

Wake up Sigmas: Your charter has been suspended for the spring semester. Come back in the fall and show some credence and creativity. Perhaps you can usher in a new trend in hazing.

David Boyd, White Hall

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