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Baffling Common Core question [Letter]

Regarding the new Common Core standards Maryland is adopting, I have a granddaughter in the fourth grade in Carroll County and the following is an example of a problem she was given to solve:

"Tyler made 36 total snowflakes which is a multiple of how triangular snowflakes he made. How many triangular snowflakes could he have made?"

First of all, I believe the question could have been stated with correct grammar and a bit more clarity. Secondly, who thinks many 9-year-olds will actually understand this and come up with the correct answer?

Something is very wrong with this curriculum, and I believe it will eventually harm our children's education rather than improve it, which was the original goal of this misguided program.

Or was it? Perhaps it was all about the federal funds Maryland was promised if it agreed to implement this ridiculously harmful program.

Gail Householder, Marriottsville

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