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Proposals to legalize marijuana target revenues, not public health and safety [Letter]

Is anyone surprised that one of the top items on the agenda for the General Assembly this session is a proposed legalization of recreational marijuana? ("Mike Miller, marijuana and the right side of history Jan. 9).

Note that close to the top of the list of reasons for doing so are always tax revenues. And, of course, these anticipated new taxes will go toward mom and apple pie causes like education, such as Del. Heather Mizeur's call for universal pre-K.

Isn't that a familiar tune? As if we in the public (not the politicians) needed casinos.

Why in deciding this kind of legislation do the politicians see dollar signs rather than the deeper, more critical issues of the common good? Even columnist Dan Rodricks has fallen into step with the tax incentive rationale.

Why not take a walk, read in the library, meet for coffee with friends, etc.? Marijuana for legitimate medical reasons, yes; for recreation, no. If the General Assembly really believes we need marijuana to recreate, let it be sold tax free.

Robert M. Friday, Owings Mills

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