A question about Equality Md.'s Brown endorsement

Interesting to see that that among its endorsements, Equality Maryland is supporting the team of Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. Not interesting that Equality Maryland endorsed Brown/Ulman over the other candidates but that Equality Maryland is willing to look past Brown's employment of Jim Messina.

 The Quinton Report notes that Messina, a consultant to the Brown-Ulman ticket, notably used homophobia as a campaign tactic on at least one occasion. Liberal writer David Sirota of Salon calls one of Messina's ads from a Montana Senate race "one of the most homophobic ads in American history."

Messina's messy history in this area has also been reported on by Buzzfeed and received criticism from the Labour Party when consulting for Tory candidates in the UK.

While I'm sure Equality Maryland has their own reasons for endorsing Brown, it is interesting to see that they are willing to give Brown a pass for employing a consultant with Messina's history.

I have asked both the Brown/Ulman campaign and Equality Maryland to comment on Messina's record and whether it had any impact on the endorsement process. I have not heard a response from either, but will post any comment in a future post.

--Brian Griffiths is a co-founder and contributing editor for Red Maryland, which has strived to be the premier blog and radio network of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the free state since 2007. He is chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans. and has worked on and advised numerous local, state and federal campaigns. His Red Maryland posts appear here regularly.

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