What did you do to prevent another Sandy Hook? [Letter]

It has been just over a year since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school where 20 young children were murdered in seconds by a disturbed person with a grotesque weapon. There have been over a hundred children killed with guns and a number of mass shootings in this country since that date.

There is a question I would pose to my own elected officials and others around the country: What have you done to prevent this from happening again?

I am sure there are many who would answer by saying that we need more guns in society to protect us from gun violence. I would truly ask anyone, aside form the NRA whose only goal is to sell more guns for their backers, do you really believe this?

So I am left with that gnawing question to our elected officials: What have you done to improve gun safety in this country? While there is no action that will prevent every act of violence, is doing nothing the answer one would like to have as their legacy?

What will these politicians say to their children or grandchildren when, God forbid, one of their friends gets gunned down in a future incident? Their grandkids may ask, "What did you do to try and stop this from happening?" I hope they have an answer they can proudly share.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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