O's need to keep it classy [Letter]

Has it truly gotten this sad, this pathetic?

Orioles President of Baseball Operations Dan Duquette revealed the team's interest in two free agents who, according to The Sun, "have a history of performance-enhancing drug use" ("Looking at Logan Morrison's possible fit in Baltimore, Jason Hammel and more," Dec. 10). Both pitcher Bartolo Colon and DH/outfielder Nelson Cruz have tainted histories of dabbling with PEDs or steroids.

Are these the quality players whom classy Manager Buck Showalter deserves? Certainly not, nor do the team's fans deserve these louts.

It's become the typical way the organization desperately tries to plug holes in the roster. If the team would go into baseball's winter meetings with a structured, solid template to improve the team (like the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays), this would be a non-issue.

Was it Albert Einstein who said the definition of insanity is approaching a task in the same manner and achieving the same results? I dread the coming season is going to be an arduous one for the Orioles' faithful.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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