With accord, Iran wins, U.S. loses [Letter]

If the leaders of Iran consider that the current agreement allows that nation to continue its uranium enrichment program, then it will do so despite any protests by the U.S. ("Kerry defends Iran deal," Nov. 25). In the meantime, Iran has broken the back of sanctions that have been imposed on that nation with the probability that funds will be used to support its faltering economy and military program.

Is our president sufficiently naive enough to think that this deal has caused Iran to abandon its nuclear bomb program? When the Ayatollah Khamenei thanks Hassan Rouhani and the other Iranian negotiators for concluding the agreement, it is proof that the U.S. has been the loser and Iran the winner.

In exchange for the infusion of an immediate $7 billion into the faltering Iranian economy with more funds to follow, Iran will be allowed to retain its present enriched uranium store and continue to be on the verge of completing both its nuclear bomb and long-range missile program, the latter unimpeded. Our allies in the region have already informed us that it is a bad deal. Is anybody in the executive branch of our government paying heed?

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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