Happy Repudiation Day!

I've lived in Maryland for my entire life, and I didn't even know that Frederick County had its own holiday on November 23rd until this week.

On this week's episode of J. Doug at Night, House of Delegates candidate Darren Wigfield introduced us to the concept of Repudiation Day, the first act of defiance by British Colonists against the stamp act. The day was made a holiday by the Maryland General Assembly during its 1894 session.

According to the Wikipedia article:

In 1765, The judges who repudiated Britain's Stamp Act became the first to repudiate the British Stamp Act designed to maintain the costs of keeping British troops in America. Frederick County Judges decided they were not going to charge the tax and refused to stamp the documents besides the stamps had not arrived from Britain and the colonists not properly notified. The late Judge Edward Delaplaine called the 12 Frederick County judges who repudiated the British Stamp Act the "12 immortal judges."

Each year a tea party is hosted by the Frederick Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution to celebrate Repudiation Day, where tea and crumpets are served and the clerk of the Court reads the original proclamation passed by the judges in November 1765 and by the Maryland Provincial Assembly.

Let us hope that this serves as a reminder that the spirit of opposing oppressive and confiscatory taxes is a native trait to our home state, and that it is a spirit that must remain strong in all of us in an era where Maryland's Democratic majority spends and taxes so recklessly.

--Brian Griffiths

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