Welcome to Red Maryland, welcome to the resistance!

You’re probably wondering why you’re seeing, on Baltimore Sun.com, content dedicated to what many of many Sun readers would label “radical, right wing extremism.”

Well, over the summer, the folks at the Baltimore Sun — knowing Red Maryland is the premier source for conservative news and opinion in Maryland — approached us about providing quality conservative content for baltimoresun.com and The Sun's op-ed page in print.  Seeing the opportunity to advance conservative, limited government ideas to a larger audience beyond the readership of Red Maryland, we jumped at the chance.  

 The Sun’s editorial board understands, as we do, that a diverse marketplace of ideas and robust political debate are keys to a healthy democracy. We are eager to join the debate and persuade others of the merits of limited government and free markets.

That said, having been allowed in the back door of the Baltimore Sun's op-ed pages, we intend to set as many fires as possible in order to weaken the one-sided bent of the its liberal editorial stances.  Our goal is to make Sun columnist Dan Rodricks wincingly exclaim, "Who let these guys in here?"

What is Red Maryland?

Red Maryland launched six years ago as an alternative media outlet to counter liberal narratives in a state political media landscape barren of conservative voices and ideas. A landscape in which traditional media outlets — like The Baltimore Sun  —all too often toe the line of Maryland’s one-party Democratic machine.

Over the years, our reach and influence has grown. The reason for that is because we’ve expanded beyond mere opinion blogging. By embracing citizen journalism and information advocacy, we’ve broken several news stories over the years, and in many cases we have set the tone for Republican politics in Maryland.

For example:

  • We broke the story about the O’Malley administration firing a whistle blower at the Developmental Disabilities Administration;

Oh, and 78 percent of the candidates we endorse win their primary elections.

While some on “our team” will grumble about our partnership with The Sun and inevitably call us “sell outs,” our primary mission remains: advancing the ideas of limited government and free markets and holding accountable the ruthless, power drunk, Democratic machine that rules this state as if it were a banana republic.

So, welcome to Red Maryland, welcome to the resistance!

--Mark Newgent

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