Democrats broke health care and now must fix it

During the recent hearings on Obamacare, we learned from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that the Obamacare web site backup isn't encrypted as of today ("Obama blames 'bad apple' insurers for canceled coverage," Oct. 31). That's people's Social Security numbers and bank accounts.

President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid do not listen to the Republicans about anything. It doesn't faze them one bit that Republicans are outraged. It's up to the Democrats to call their representatives to force this administration to do the right thing. President Obama made a promise that you could keep your plan and that has proved to be a lie — except for the exemption that was carved out for the unions as their plans truly get grandfathered in.

It's up to Democrats to tell this administration that isn't right and that President Obama needs to grant the millions of individuals who are currently losing coverage that they can keep their plan. It's up to the Democrats to tell this administration that the information collected by the Obamacare website needs to be encrypted. It's up to Democrats to force the administration to abide by the promise that, if you like your doctor, you will keep your doctor.

We can't do that. Republicans get marginalized and painted as the problem, even though this president clutches this program to his chest and away from Republican hands as if the Republicans could mess it up even worse than it's messed up now. Are the Democrats going to sit on their butts and watch it happen? Is that the kind of people they are?

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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