Disappointed by Andy Harris

I live in Maryland's 1st District and am represented by Rep. Andy Harris. Your article showed us just what we can expect from him ("In blue Maryland, Andy Harris proudly stands on the right," Oct. 20).

He has done nothing during his term to show he has his constituents in mind when he votes. And unlike his predecessors, he refuses to support any legislation that is proposed by the other side of the aisle.

As a registered Democrat, I voted for former Republican Rep. Wayne Gilchrest and later for Democrat Frank Kratovil. I respected Mr. Gilchrest for his ability not to vote simply along party lines. He showed strength of character by voting what he felt was best for his district.

Mr. Kratovil did the same and, sadly, he was not allowed to continue to represent all his constituents, both Democrats and Republicans.

I consider myself a liberal-conservative, which means I take issues individually and want to see the benefit of one over the other. Dr. Harris refuses to vary in his voting record. It's not the merit of the bill before him that matters, but simply whether it was proposed by his party.

When Dr. Harris was elected the very first thing he cared about was when his health insurance would kick in. He knew just how important insurance coverage is, especially when you have a family. But even though he is a physician, he did not see that same need for others when he voted repeatedly to end the Affordable Care Act.

Obviously he does not adhere to the Hippocratic oath: "First do no harm." If the ACA had failed, millions of uninsured people would have been harmed. Dr. Harris has not given us any legislation during his term that shows me he deserves another term.

Instead he is simply someone who votes the tea party conservative agenda. It is elected officials like him who held this country hostage to the threat of a government shutdown and default on the nation's debt. In the next election voters should remember Dr. Harris' inability to see that the Republicans lost the last two elections and the ACA is now the law of the land.

The Republican party does not want President Barack Obama to leave office with anything that would speak well of his tenure. Dr. Harris and his cohorts will continue to disrupt the forward motion of this president's term in office.

Redistricting created the 1st District in part to appease the state's Republican minority. Sadly, it did so at the expense of voters who prefer a more fair representation. Those constituents will never see that from Dr. Harris. Everyone who doesn't adhere to Dr. Harris' right-wing agenda has, in my opinion, been disenfranchised. Elected officials such as Dr. Harris who do not wish to represent all the people, just the radical right, have made a mockery of the democratic process.

Lois Raimondi Munchel, Forest Hill

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