Mikulski, Cardin should resign before they're voted out

The Sun's John Fritze recently reported that Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin have maneuvered a behind-the-scenes, 1 percent pay raise for federal employees ("Without words, federal workers are on track to get a pay raise," Oct. 17).

In the article Senator Mikulski is quoted as saying that "this modest pay raise demonstrates the respect we have for our federal workers who have been furloughed, laid off, locked out and scapegoated."

Instead of suggesting that the senators really have the interests of federal workers in mind, I recommend Senators Mikulski, Cardin — and, for that matter, all Maryland's elected officials — resign so that their constituents, federal employees or not, don't have to go through the trouble of voting them out in the next election.

Bill Alcarese, Baltimore

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