Straddling the city-county divide

In a recent editorial you noted that Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, who lives in Prince George's County, followed the traditional formula of appealing to the Baltimore region by choosing Howard County Executive Ken Ulman as his running mate ("Twin controversies for Gansler," Oct. 14).

But while Howard County is part of the Baltimore metro area and media market, its leafy suburban neighborhoods are a long way culturally, if not geographically, from the streets of East or West Baltimore.

Yet due to gerrymandering by the Democrats, we in Howard are stuck with a congressional district that runs right through the center of Baltimore City. We are stuck with a congressman who represents the city and gets our suburbs as a bonus. There is no way he can serve both as our needs and populations that are very different.

But that doesn't seem to be a problem for the media except when it comes to the candidates for governor.

Craig Garfield, Ellicott City

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