Change in leadership at NSA is long overdue

A reader had to be very persistent to find this article “NSA chief, top deputy expected to depart soon” (Oct. 17). It was a mere three sentences, but it was wonderful to discover that Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander was being sent out to pasture.    I can’t applaud Edward Snowden enough to thank him for his act of courage in revealing the many ways the National Security Agency has been engaged in illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of more or less every U.S. citizen.  As a protester of the illegal activities of the NSA since 1996, I am hoping that the Obama administration intends to clean house and force the agency to abide by the Bill of Rights.  I am sure more revelations of the NSA’s thrashing of the Constitution are to follow.    The arrogance of Mr. Alexander was only surpassed by his casual disregard of Constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure.  Such behavior by British forces helped bring on this country’s revolution.   As Jimmy Cliff taught us, “The harder they come, the harder they fall one and all.”   Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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