Why no punishment for drunken mid?

I read with interest the article on sexual assault allegations at the U.S. Naval Academy ("Two former Navy football players face court-martial in alleged sexual assault," Oct. 10). It is quite obvious that the defendants used poor judgment and should be held accountable. What concerns me is that the alleged victim is being allowed to complete her degree.

Doesn't drinking oneself into oblivion indicate a total lack of self-control and responsibility? Do we want someone like that to become a Navy leader? I feel that it is extremely biased that she has not faced charges. She is certainly not a role model for young girls. If she now suffers "complete and total isolation" in the Yard, does she think she will be open-arms welcomed out in the fleet?

The superintendent's decision not to bring charges against her represents a failure to administer justice to all.

Patricia Wagner, Arnold

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