Lawmakers must put country above party

I really enjoyed R. Reynolds' letter this morning, though I believe he only got it half right ("The curtain is poised to fall on the American republic," Oct. 8).

This country takes in $2.7 trillion annually but we are spending $3.7 trillion. It is this uncontrolled spending — not the tea party, Mr. Reynolds states — that will destroy this country.

Congress is only going to vote (I hope) on increasing the debt limit. There is enough money coming in to service the debt. The only one who can cause the country to default is President Obama, by choosing not to pay those debts.

I don't want to see an increase in debt, but that is not a responsible option. There is going to have to be an increase in the debt limit, but at the same time there are going to have to be painful spending cuts. It's going to take both parties.

I don't want either party claiming a victory. The victory must belong to the country. What worries me most is that there are not enough politicians in Congress who are wiling to put the country above party.

R. Houck, Rosedale

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