Sun dominated by leftist views

In reading The Sun's editorial pages on Oct. 4, I couldn't help but think that the editorial board, in bowing to the extreme left wing base, has been shoveling a huge amount of "stuff." Take, for example, the editorial, "Congress: Do your job," where you take issue with the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives over their distaste for the Obamacare bill passed by Democrats, without a single Republican vote. What you never seem to discuss is that under our Constitution, the House holds the purse strings of this nation. They have every right and obligation to question and, if necessary, withhold funding they deem inappropriate. The group you deem "extremists" are, in fact, members elected by citizens of this country to do exactly what they are doing — finding a way to lower the U.S. deficit, lower taxes, and de-fund the Un-Affordable Care Act. They are, in fact, doing their jobs.

As for the commentary, "Obama must not allow default," David Wise completely misstates the issue. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling does not automatically mean the federal government will default on our debt. We only default if President Barack Obama and his extreme left wing base (like The Sun) decides to not pay the interest on our borrowed money. We have more than enough money coming in through taxes and other sources to cover the payment.

Finally, in the "America must account for the use of torture after 9/11" commentary, Susan Kerin proves herself to be another extreme left wing, we-hate-America whack job who has decided to redefine the word torture and what constitutes torture in accordance with her hatred of America and George W. Bush.

I would have more sympathy (not much more) for Ms. Kerin's position if we dig up Harry Truman and prosecute him for war crimes for dropping the atomic bombs on Japan or Lyndon Johnson for lying about the Gulf of Tonkin which resulted in the deaths of 58,000 American soldiers or Jimmy Carter for, well, being Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton for missile strikes against civilians. Ms. Kerin, stop it. You're torturing me with your extreme left wing delusions.

As for the editorial board, they would have been better off writing an editorial about the item on Page 2: "Ben Carson says his beliefs made him an IRS target." Your shovels would be a lot easier to clean.

Bud Gibbs, Baltimore

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