Carson displays supreme self-importance, thin skin

I was amused to read that Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson feels he was "profiled" for an audit by the IRS because he was critical of President Barack Obama ("Ben Carson says he was targeted by the IRS over his beliefs," Oct. 3).

Dr. Carson says he is thinking of going into politics and running for office. Perhaps he should do a skin test on himself because it seems awfully thin for the new career he seeks.

I have been a strong supporter of President Obama in the last two elections. And I, too, was audited by the IRS. To what do I attribute that? Bad luck? Good governance?

It concerns me that Dr. Carson feels that he is so important that the IRS would single him out for an audit. He should be happy that he has not had to endure one in the past.

Ray Hoff, Columbia

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