Don't put faith in Iran

Evidently the writer of the recent letter heralding a conversation between top diplomats ("Talks with Iran a promising development," Sept. 25) has been taken in by the softened diplomatic rhetoric of President Hasan Rowhani of Iran, which has contrasted sharply with that of his predecessor. However, despite the more moderate tone of President Rowhani's speech at the United Nations, a careful examination of its contents shows that the Iranian agenda remains the same, namely attaining nuclear bomb and long-range missile capability as soon as possible and characterizing the U.S. and our allies as the perpetrators of terror while Iran is the innocent party.

This blatant attempt to have sanctions removed while Iran continues its agenda against the West should be recognized for what it is, namely a change in tactics designed by Iran, but no change in its agenda or objectives.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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