Even Obama's biggest supporters are abandoning Obamacare

In the immediate and lasting aftermath of the unspeakable evil of September 11, 2001, America united. The courage of our military heroes and the reputation, strength and resolve of the United States daily honors the victims of the attacks. May God bless and protect our nation and all who defend her.

Facts and opinions


Fact: Only 37 percent of young adults now believe Obamacare to be a good idea, according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Opinion: How ironic that the reliably pro-Obama young set would turn so negative on the president's most notable legislative achievement once the reality of dramatically higher insurance rates began to hit home. And something tells me that even the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Jon Bon Jovi asking young people to get with the new program may not pan out. Memo to young voters: Beware progressives bearing gifts!


Fact: House Speaker John Boehner has ruled out bringing a Syrian war resolution to the floor if a bipartisan whip count reveals insufficient votes for passage.

Opinion: This is the right thing to do. No president has ever lost a war resolution vote. The presidency must be protected even when (as in this case) the president has set himself up for a fall that weakens American prestige around the world.

Fact: The Obama administration exempted members of Congress (and their staffs) from the dictates of Obamacare by opining that the new state/federal insurance exchanges allow for the continuation of their generous taxpayer funded subsidies.

Opinion: Recall my column of June 30th. Members were facing a revolt from their staffs (not to mention their spouses) if forced to lose their employer contributions and made to follow the new law. And no reader of this column should ever be surprised to learn of Congress exempting itself from the same laws and regulations it passes on to the rest of us. FYI: I am far more sympathetic to the veteran staffers who are generally overworked and underpaid as opposed to the members of Congress who voted for this mess knowing they would never have to live under its dictates.

Fact: Elliott Bronstein of Seattle's Office of Civil Rights wants to eliminate the use of the noun "citizen" from the ongoing immigration debate because it allegedly relegates undocumented aliens to second class status. The same bureaucrat also opines that the phrase "brown bag" is now forbidden since it could insult people of color. Mr. Bronstein deems "lunch and learn" and "sack lunch" as acceptable alternatives.

Opinion: Here's hoping the remaining same citizens of that ultra-progressive city will demand the firing of Mr. Bronstein. What, there's no real discrimination in one of our largest cities? And while I'm thinking of it, isn't "sack lunch" offensive to African-American offensive tackles who miss their blind side blocks?

Fact: In 2011, one in three American school children were being raised without a father. The poverty rate for single mother head of household families was 40.9 percent, almost five times the 8.8 percent for married couple families. Almost half of Hispanic (49.1 percent) and African-American (47.3 percent) single mother families lived in poverty. Among all homeless families, eight out of 10 were headed by single women with children.

Opinion: Forget your political identification for a minute. These numbers speak to a cultural permissiveness gone mad. The time for sensitivity toward such dysfunction is long passed. More fathers living at home is the most effective social welfare program imaginable. And no public person should be afraid to speak this truth.


Fact: The Baltimore Ravens are the only NFL team to collaborate with the state and federal government in promoting Obamacare's health exchanges and Medicaid sign-ups.

Opinion: Adult fans of our local franchise should be able to separate our unabashed love for the Super Bowl champs from our informed opposition to a law that is proving so unpopular with our people and so hurtful to our country.

Fact: The Maine Human Rights Commission has proposed banning all gender divisions in public schools after ruling that a school discriminated against a 12-year-old transgender boy by denying him access to the girls bathroom.

Opinion: I know most of us tend to laugh off such idiocy, but a common sense majority of Americans must come to grips with the reality of a counter-cultural movement within our educational elite. These are the advocates of social promotion in our school systems, "whole language" (which encourages guessing the meaning of words and "invented spelling") learning in our classrooms, political correctness in our discourse, and gender neutrality in our culture. They should be exposed and defeated whenever one of their stupid initiatives surfaces.

Fact: Daniel Schrag, a science adviser to President Barack Obama, recently told the New York Times that "…the White House is hesitant to say they're having a war on coal. On the other hand, a war on coal is exactly what's needed."

Opinion: This post-election admission recalls the Obama campaign's pro-coal/anti-Romney ads run in the coal belt states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The Environmental Protection Agency's recently issued (and onerous) regulations on existing coal fired plants only underscore Mr. Schrag's point. Any pro-coal voter from these vital swing states influenced by these disingenuous ads should seek professional help. Talk about having it both ways…


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