Dropping bombs isn't the answer

The conflict in Syria is a horrific human tragedy: 100,000 dead, 2 million refugees and now, chemical warfare. I can sympathize with the impulse to "do something" about it ("Where is the outrage?" Sept. 4).

However, this intervention, no matter how "limited," will have grave consequences. The fact is that nations such as Iran and Russia are supporting the Assad regime, and other nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are backing the rebels. Each actor is adding fuel to the fire (which is why, sadly, there are 100,000 dead in Syria). Hezbollah is fighting for Syrian President Bashar Assad while al-Qaida elements are fighting against him. Consider that the U.S. might soon be fighting alongside of our sworn enemies since 9/11. How many Americans will be able to stomach such a betrayal?

Meanwhile, Israel looms in the background, hoping to use the conflict to weaken Iran, and ensure that their nuclear program be destroyed.

Any notion that the U.S. will be able to quickly stabilize the situation through limited intervention is absurd. Once we start dropping bombs and sending weapons, the carnage will increase and the region will destabilize further. And of course, we will find ourselves with more enemies who have new reason to launch attacks against the United States.

The solution is a negotiated settlement with Russia, Iran and the other major actors. No one wants World War III. Let's sit down with the major players and end this destructive conflict as quickly as possible.

Vince Tola, Baltimore

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