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Let's tackle football concussions at every level

By now, most sports fans have heard about the $765 million settlement the NFL has reached with former players who have serious brain injuries plausibly caused by that contact sport during their professional careers ("Goodell: Settlement is great for all," Sept. 5).

The possibility of concussions and subsequent brain damage that may show up in later years, however, can occur at any level of the sport. Who will take care of former college and high school football athletes who are now victims? Currently, Frostburg State University is being sued by the family of a player who died after head injuries in a practice drill. That situation is unusual. Many damages from football injuries are long term and the cause and effects not so clear.

My father, brothers, two sons and I all played and loved football. Maybe better coaching techniques, side line medical care, shorter seasons, limited full contact time, or rule changes will reduce the problem, but it needs to be addressed at all competitive levels for the future of the game and its athletes.

George R. La Noue, Baltimore

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