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Grand Prix causes a grand hassle

My wife and I volunteer at the National Aquarium on Saturday afternoons. This week we left at 11 a.m. ,and the trip from Columbia to the Inner Harbor took almost an hour in contrast to the usual 25 to 30 minutes ("Grand Prix impact felt beyond racetrack," Sept. 1).

It takes me less time than that to get to the Wilmer Eye Clinic in Baltimore County for an appointment. It was OK until arriving at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where we completely stopped and then inched toward Baltimore Street. A road sign on the MLK said there were two lanes leading to Baltimore Street, but that turned out to be wrong because only the far right lane was allowed to turn. Baltimore Street was initially OK until just past the University of Maryland Hospital Center, where we encountered a lineup of buses. But still better than the MLK.

Eventually we reached the parking garage on Gay Street. On leaving just after 4 p.m., driving along Lombard Street to get to back the MLK was a long stop and go experience. Only after reaching the MLK was it clear sailing back to Columbia, and the return trip took about 10 minutes less than the trip coming in.

The restaurants in Fells Point and Little Italy wonder why they have fewer customers because their areas are not jammed with traffic and so are unaffected by the race. Well, not many folk south of the city are willing to put up with a half hour or more of stop and go traffic to reach them.

As long as the Grand Prix is held on Labor Day weekend their sales will suffer. Sunday night we celebrated a friend's birthday but did not consider Little Italy and chose a suburban Italian restaurant (with mediocre food I might add) instead.

Bill Emery

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