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The 1963 March on Washington was unnecessary

Your editorial on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington contains many historical and statistical distortions ("Unfinished business," Aug. 27).

The Birmingham march led by Martin Luther King in 1963 deserves righteous indignation, but the editorial overlooks the compelling case made by Ann Coulter in Demonic that the march was unnecessary and opposed even by staunch Birmingham supporters of the civil rights struggle.

The struggle largely had been won in the courts and at the ballot box. Birmingham Police Chief Bull Conner, for example, had been voted out of office. Ms. Coulter suggests that King anticipated the coming violence and provoked it to enhance his own notoriety and power rather than freedom for black Americans.

Regarding your statement about "black children trapped in low performing school systems," the editorial fails to note that most of these systems are in municipalities run by liberal politicians — black and white. The District of Columbia for years has dug in its collective heels against vouchers that would give black children the opportunity to escape the city's less than stellar school system. Not a problem, of course, for the White House Opponent in Chief, who sends his children to an elite private school.

Finally, you repeat the old canard that blacks disproportionately occupy prison cells: fallacious, of course, because, the valid baseline for comparison is the criminal, not the general population you cite. Surely, you know better.

Angelo Mirabella, Silver Spring

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