Md. GOP accomplishes little

Your article about the inept Maryland Republican Party's struggles just scratches the surface ("GOP struggles to overcome adversity, Aug. 23). As an independent, non-ideological voter, I am nonpartisan in this affair, but you were very kind in your treatment of the individuals named.

You really could have taken the Republicans to task for their ineptness. I do not think our delegation from Harford County has contributed a thing to those of us that live here. Yet, you will see them at any photo opportunity available. You would think County Executive David Craig, a governor wannabe, was some kind of model. Yet, he has done nothing but continue to line his pockets with yet another pension in the name of "public service."

These folks are just not that smart. Losing E.J. Pipkin will lower the average IQ of the Republican Party by much. But it does not seem to matter if my fellow constituents allow these folks to prosper in pockets of little influence and enjoy personal gain at the expense of these same constituents they do not serve well.

Stuart A. Tiegel, Havre de Grace

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