Dwyer should step down

During the past year, Del. Don Dwyer Jr. has been cited three times for breaking the law ("Del. Dwyer charged with driving under the influence," Aug. 21). Once for boating under the influence causing an accident, once for crabbing on a day not allowing such activity, and once for driving under the influence, as well as having expired tags and speeding. Amazingly, Delegate Dwyer remains in office and is still planning on running for reelection.

Let me remind my fellow Marylanders that this is the same Delegate Dwyer who stands as the moral leader of the state, repeatedly leading the charge against expansion of rights and vocally supporting his personal right-wing agenda. It is unfathomable to me that he remains in office with the power to continue to legislate as well as retain his platform to preach his version of morality.

It is time for Mr. Dwyer to realize his errors, admit them and resign. He needs to devote his ambitions to recovery and move on with his life. To allow him to continue to hold a position in government is a mockery of all he has preached and a grave disservice to the many other citizens of Maryland who have lost more for fewer offenses. At the very least, his colleagues should censor him and hope that the voters in Anne Arundel County have had enough of this misplaced delegate.

Rick Wasserman, Baltimore

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