Don't count on Al Jazeera for unbiased reporting

If the letter writer Ray Gordon considers his stream of anti-Israel rhetoric even-handed reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then perhaps Al Jazeera is not biased ("Al Jazeera will give America a balanced view of the Middle East," Aug. 7).

Certainly neither source can be considered to be accurate in reporting on the continuing problem caused by the failure of the Palestinian Arabs to even acknowledge the existence of a Jewish state.

The writer, while painting the Palestinian Arabs as innocent victims, whether led by the late Yasser Arafat or by Mahmoud Abbas, ignores the numerous attempts by Arab nations in coordination with the Palestinian Arabs not only to destroy the Jewish state but to exterminate its inhabitants — be it during the 1948 war, where Arabs massacred the inhabitants of Jewish towns and cities, or during the intifadas.

Al Jazeera, with its active support for Hamas and that organization's efforts to eliminate Israel, certainly has lost its credibility.

Al Jazeera coverage may seem to be accurate and unbiased to Mr. Gordon, but certainly not to the average American who is well aware of the prejudice and intolerance practiced by that news organ of the Arab state of Qatar.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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