SECU is paying too much for Towson arena naming rights

I belong to the SECU credit union, and quite frankly I'm disgusted that it will pay Towson University $4.75 million over the next 10 years to have the university's new basketball facility called SECU Arena ("Towson gets $4.75 million from SECU for arena naming rights," July 31).

It appears that the SECU got too big for its britches (it has $2.6 billion in assets) and was looking for a place to throw its money away. Why weren't the members of the credit union given a vote before this decision was made?

One SECU official said, that "if we can be a strong presence at Towson, then students are going to feel comfortable with us." What about the uncomfortable members? How are we going to feel seeing $475,000 a year go out the door?

The SECU is trying to compete with other schools that opted for arena sponsorships, such as the University of Maryland (Comcast Center) and the College of Charleston (TD Bank). This is not a good move for the SECU or Towson as far as I'm concerned.

David Boyd

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