Obama did blacks a disservice by playing the race card in the Trayvon Martin case

Does anyone besides me get irritated at the hypocrisy and race-baiting that is made worse by articles like the one penned by Auset Marion Lewis ("A river of tears for all the Trayvons," July 16)?

It belonged in a bad romance novel instead of a theoretically legitimate paper, except the subject was tragic and the interpretation absurd and spurious.

I can see her just happen to be walking into a Starbucks that just happened to be playing refrains from Jimmy Cliff, which would make her cry as she reflected on the terrible plight of African-Americans in America at the same time she worries about her hoodied nephew.

No progress has been made, there is no black mayor of Baltimore or Atlanta or other major cities. The average income and potential of blacks has risen despite the present administration, which has done more to hurt black progress than any of those terrible, oppressive white people in the last several decades.

Any life lost is a tragedy and should be mourned, but are the only black deaths caused by white policemen or a "white Hispanic?" Were all these young gentlemen pillars of the community or were they part of the problem and the culture of drugs and crime that is part of our city, which is on course to see 250 murders this year, most of them black and 92 percent caused by other blacks?

That is not only a Baltimore statistic but a nationwide one.

Some other comments left out by our esteemed writer. Our president took two-and-a-half years to find his birth certificate, not counting all the time he was running for office. Please explain that to me.

We know George Bush's great grandfather smoked a pipe. We know all his educational records and everything about his public and private life. We know nothing about Mr. Obama, who has fought not to have any of them released.

Despite the cute pictures of 14-year-old Trayvon Martin promulgated by the mainstream media, Mr. Martin was a 17-year-old thug with a violent track record and a troubled existence. The evidence shows that he was beating Mr. Zimmerman's head on the ground and broke his nose. What would you do if Mr. Zimmerman was your son or husband instead of a "white Hispanic" who shot a black teenage thug trying to kill him?

I guarantee that if Mr. Martin had been white and Mr. Zimmerman black, you would be deafening in your silence. Same if both were black or both were white.

Why don't you write about how the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and others, who now seem to include you, have only damaged the progress of blacks in this wonderful country by playing the race card whenever they can?

J.C. Gordon, Towson

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