Trayvon Martin: Give it a rest

I am appalled though not surprised to see your liberal socialist rag continue to fan the flames of controversy and racial tension by publishing an inflammatory and overly opinionated letter, such as the one in Saturday's "Your Turn" column by Maj. Gen. Leo Williams in which he arrogantly proclaims George Zimmerman to be guilty of murder and describes the incident as a "new lynching" ("From lynchings to 'Stand Your Ground' killing," July 25). This is inaccurate, slanderous and sensationalizing; the good general is not in a position to determine if Mr. Zimmerman committed murder and forgets that he was acquitted of same by a jury of his peers. In addition he like other blacks in the country is in denial about the fact that Mr. Zimmerman's version of the story may be true and he likely was defending himself from a physical attack. Indeed an unfortunate and tragic incident, but please, shut up and give it a rest.

Bob Mebane, Deale

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