How is Barbara Mikulski not a 'woman to watch'?

Although I enjoyed reading this Sunday's special issue of Sun Magazine entitled "50 Women to Watch", I was extremely disappointed at the glaring omission of Sen. Barbara Mikulski from the list. Considering all that Senator Mikulski has done for Maryland's citizens during her service since 1971 as Baltimore city councilwoman, U.S. congresswoman, and U.S. Senator, how does she not deserve a top spot on a list during which you discussed "the most intriguing, powerful and memorable personalities making an impact on the Baltimore region?"

Senator Mikulski was recently selected as the first Marylander and the first woman to serve as chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and, as of March of 2012, she became the longest serving woman in the history of the U.S. Congress. Senator Mikulski has dedicated her life to public service and has always advocated for her state and its citizens in arenas ranging from education and health, to services and benefits for seniors and veterans.

I believe that The Sun owes Senator Mikulski a formal apology and a special issue of her own.

I know that I speak for countless Marylanders when I say that I am proud to have Senator Mikulski representing our state and nation.

Rock on, Babs — keep up the great work!!

Holly West, Baltimore

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