Crime and racial politics

The statistics Thomas F. Schaller quoted about murder cases and drug arrests have to be flawed, I think ("A welcome call for soul-searching about race," July 24). I am willing to bet that what drives them are that the blacks on trial for murder and arrested for drugs, have rap sheets as long as my arms. Just like sweet little Trayvon Martin's two suspensions from school for violations that should have led to arrests are never mentioned in The Sun.

At least The Sun has written that only 52 percent of black males graduate from high school in four years. And I have seen the statistic that 73 percent of births in the African-American community are out of wedlock. These issues need to be addressed, not tricked up stats like yours (I know that are not "yours" per se).

Until the real issues are addressed, Race Industry leaders like The Sun, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., will continue the contentious history of racial politics in this country. Too bad for most of us blacks and whites who get along and work together.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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