Senator Cardin: You are the reason sequestration is necessary

Sen. Ben Cardin writes that budget cuts that went into effect on March 1 are hurting Maryland ("Pain of sequestration is real," July 22. He lists a number of federal institutions in Maryland that are impacted by the so-called sequestration. His solution is to "restart negotiations on a comprehensive plan to end sequestration and restore … absolutely essential functions of our government."

This statement begs the question: where has he been? This entire sequestration business was the result of a loopy scheme cooked up two years ago by the White House and self-proclaimed Congressional leaders to compel a resolution of our budget deficit mess. News flash: It didn't happen. Instead, the United States Senate, led by Senator Cardin's party, did not even pass a budget from 2008 until being shamed into doing so this year. Year after year of trillion-dollar deficits have swelled the national debt to over $16 trillion.

Meanwhile, Senator Cardin discusses the harmful effects of the budget cuts, but he fails to offer any suggestions, much less meaningful reforms, to solve the current fiscal fiasco. Indeed, his proposal is to simply put all the money back into the programs he listed. Until Senator Cardin and members of the Democratic Party come up with a reasonable and meaningful spending cuts, we will continue to drift on an ocean of red ink.

If Senator Cardin is looking for the reasons for the creation of the sequester, he can start by looking in the mirror.

Robert C. Erlandson, Lutherville

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