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Zimmerman was in the wrong

The George Zimmerman verdict was appalling yet predictable given that the trial centered on the wrong-headed premise that what happened after the confrontation was key, not what led up to it ("Martin's parents speak; still seeking answers," July 19).

Mr. Zimmerman had no business following anybody. The self-appointed guardian of the neighborhood trailed an innocent youth for a significant period of time even after he was told not to by a 911 operator. Trayvon Martin had every reason to feel his life and well-being were in danger and to question why this stranger was harassing him.

Mr. Martin was the only one who legitimately acted in self-defense and "stood his ground." Is he supposed to be a paragon of self-restraint while his stalker persists with absurd and reckless behavior?

Mr. Zimmerman's aggression caused this confrontation, and he should be held 100 percent responsible for the result of it.

Grafton R. Hersperger, Baltimore

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