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Sun aligns with race baiters in Zimmerman trial

In The Sun's recent editorial regarding the acquittal of George Zimmerman ("No justice," July 16), deemed outrageous is the assertion by Mr. Zimmerman's defense team that he never would have been charged if he were black. Later in the editorial, however, The Sun asserts that had Trayvon Martin been a white teenager in khakis and a button-down, Mr. Zimmerman would almost certainly not have jumped to the conclusions he did regarding his suspicions of Mr. Martin.

This obvious double standard undermines your premise that racial prejudice is responsible for what happened that night, for the Sun has fallen prey to the same prejudices and ignorant presumptions regarding Mr. Zimmerman that you assert caused him to act as he did. Furthermore, your subtle implication that this matter is a typical case of white racism applied to a black victim is absurd but follows the lead of President Barack Obama, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder and the big media in manufacturing an explosive racial incident when no evidence exists of any such thing.

This was a tragic incident involving two men of different races, neither of them white. There were no witnesses to adequately support or contradict Mr. Zimmerman's account, though there is no evidence that he has ever exhibited racist tendencies in the past. Of course, these facts are of no consequence to the race baiters, because rather than promoting racial harmony and the easing of racial tensions, their agenda is to exacerbate these tensions at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the Sun appears to have fallen into this camp.

Doug Lombardo, Baltimore

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