Scandal is not Rolling Stone but U.S. complacency

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a monster, but that shouldn't restrict investigation into his beliefs that led up to the Boston Marathon bombing. This act of terrorism was abhorrent, but I don't fault Rolling Stone for doing an article on the subject, or for putting the remaining suspect's photo on the cover ("Rolling Stone rocked by criticism for upcoming Tsarnaev cover," July 18).

It's time Americans began questioning our blind acceptance of multiculturalism and our policies of admitting refugees without considering the cultures from which they emanate. The Tsarnaev family was welcomed with open arms and availed themselves of our nation's largesse. Tragedy and horror was our reward!

The young people who read Rolling Stone need to become more vigilant when anyone suggests terrorist attacks might be justified. We all have become too complacent and accepting of dangerous mindsets. It's time we recognize there are bad people in the world and began protecting ourselves. Spreading the welcome mat to the global community will lead to future tragedies, so I look forward to discovering more about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the evil he represents. More like him may be waiting in the wings.

Rosalind N. Ellis, Baltimore

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