Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with race

The Sun editorial staff makes some irrational comments on George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict in saying that "two undercurrents are clearly responsible for what happened that night and for the way the case has played out since: racial prejudice and Florida's reckless stand-your-ground self-defense law" ("No justice," July 16).

First, prior to the trial, the FBI conducted extensive investigation and found zero events, comments or actions that indicated racial prejudice was in Mr. Zimmerman's background.

The only people who used the race card against Mr. Zimmerman were Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Obama and, of course, The Sun.

Second, according to the 2011 FBI crime statistics, Florida has a 5.2 murder rate per 100,000 population compared to Maryland's 6.8. The average murder rate for all the 16 states that have stand-your-ground self-defense laws is 5.17.

Seems the stand-your ground self-defense laws are working. Maybe Maryland legislators, the governor and Baltimore City's mayor should take notice.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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