Obama wrong to arm Syrian rebels

President Barack Obama's recent decision to provide weapons to the Syrian rebels is just another of the administration's huge mistakes that will have dire consequences for both the United States as well as Israel ("Backers of Syrian rebels agree to send weapons," June 23).

The Obama administration's excuses to justify U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war is that chemical weapons have been used by President Bashar Assad's regime and that a red line in the sand has been crossed. Syrian President Assad as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course, have denied this and these chemical weapons might actually have been used by the Syrian rebels.

President Obama's plan to assist the rebels will involve the U.S. in a uncontrollable escalation, especially now since the terrorist organization Hezbollah is involved and the Iranian regime indicated their support of President Assad as well.

The Obama administration should flat stay clear and out of this conflict as the consequences of supporting the Syrian rebels would be a huge mistake and would have dire consequences for the security of Israel as well as U.S.-Israeli relations.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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