Lori versus the part-time Catholics

Letter writer John Murphy contends that religious freedom is not under threat because we have Catholics in government ("Lori's views outside the Catholic mainstream," June 19). These politicians are only Catholics when it is convenient and do not adhere to major church policies against abortion and gay marriage. I do not expect these Catholics In Name Only (CINO) to promote church doctrine in politics, but they should not take the lead against church teachings. For example: the change of the definition of marriage in Maryland would not have passed without the leadership and fund raising of Gov. Martin O'Malley.

We also have CINOs in the federal government. Rep. Nancy Pelosi defended her promotion of abortion by saying that the church's position was on abortion was not clear. When the House Minority Leader does not understand the Catholic church abortion policy, that is scary.

Real Catholics support Archbishop William E. Lori and trust him more than our politicians. It is apparent that to stay in power, the CINOs will endorse whatever they think is currently popular. I do not trust them to ensure our religious freedom.

Stanley J. Glinka, Ellicott City

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