NRC falls short on Peach Bottom upgrade

Peach Bottom has two of the 31 Mark and Mark 2 reactors that are being required to upgrade their venting system in case of a severe accident ("Peach Bottom reactors to get venting upgrade," June 7). What Sun reporter Jamie Smith Hopkins leaves out is that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission members ignored staff advice to require containment filters in Mark 1 and Mark 2 reactors which is being required in Japan on all of its reactors and already has been in some European countries.

The vents release the pressure but without filters, this leads to dispersal of radioactive contamination outside of the containment structure. Ms. Hopkins is incorrect when she claims that the vents can do the job "so containment buildings can hold on to radioactive material." Vents release pressure and radioactivity. Filters block radioactive releases. The NRC commissioners chose to side with industry complaining about expense of filters instead of representing interests of the people who will be downwind of the radioactive releases should there be a severe accident.

Dr. Gwen L. DuBois

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