Responses to Ehrlich's columns are much better than the columns themselves

One positive result of the usually strident commentaries by former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has been the thoughtful letters from readers pointing out the flaws in the governor's arguments ("Multiculturalism is the enemy of democracy," June 2).

Having successfully put himself up for public office, I suppose Mr. Ehrlich has earned the forum he employs to spout his thoughts, however pedestrian. But just because he has the temerity to be out front with his views doesn't mean they are well-informed.

Thanks to letter writer Doug Bafford and others for their thoughtful responses to the former governor's seat-of-the-pants thoughts ("Multiculturalism is no enemy of democracy," June 7).

I say that because anyone who watched Mr. Ehrlich's poor performance in the single debate he held with former Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in 2006, when they opposed each other for the governorship, will know what I mean.

Before that debate Mr. Ehrlich publicly said he was not into intensive debate preparation. When I heard that, I thought this guy must be good. Then I watched the debate. His lack of preparation and work were obvious. He lost the debate.

Joseph Costa, Baltimore

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