If you can tax rain, what's next?

When I first heard about the rain tax ("Anger grows over stormwater fees," April 16), I laughed. Not because of the increase in living costs, or the fact that were being taxed on an uncontrollable environmental factor, it's the fact that Gov. Martin O'Malley got away with doing it.

This bill has allowed legislators to cross into a new territory of taxes which makes me wonder if summer will have a tax next year due to the increased temperature causing a need for more air conditioning that will in turn use more electricity. The fact that this tax went into effect tells me we cannot argue about any future taxes.

Once you tax the rain, there's nothing that's off the table. Another thought I had was what if there is a drought? Do we get a refund for the rain tax? I guess we'll save that thought for a rainy day.

Eric Bilz, Towson

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