Prison homicides highlight futility of new gun laws

I noticed with all the gun control talk and various politicians knocking each other over for the microphone to create a new law to save lives, those same politicians failed to do the same for the seven inmate deaths in the last seven months ("Senate gives final approval to gun control bill" April 4).

How could this be? A controlled environment (government run) where no weapons are allowed, let alone guns, has seven homicides in seven months! Surely, a politician during this most recent session in Annapolis would have sponsored some bill, right? They didn't.


Sure inmate deaths rank well below any innocent child's death, but the reality is that you can't stop evil/bad people from doing evil/bad things through legislation.

If our government can't prevent homicides from occurring in a controlled environment, what makes one think that passing any new laws are going to make anyone safer anywhere?


Our society doesn't look at these school shootings and realize we are sitting ducks to people that mean to do us harm. None of these mass killings have occurred at a gun range, NRA meeting, police headquarters, or any other place where law abiding citizens are or maybe are armed. All of them occur where there is the least likelihood of resistance. Not to mention a possible connection to pharmaceuticals that may create these monsters.

It's quite natural for compassionate people to want to do something to prevent this horror, but it's not logical to think mass murder can be stopped by laws. If it's a suicide bomber next time, would our response be to create bomb control laws? Not likely.

If gun control laws are created to save lives, wouldn't our prisons be the safest places to be in our society?

Mike Fewster, Lutherville