Clinton made a mess of foreign policy

Now that Hillary Clinton is unemployed, here is a synopsis of world situations she was engaged in and responsible for during her tenure as Secretary of State.

China: Officials she upset would not even meet with her the last three years.


North Korea: Our attempts to talk with them never commenced and they are now threatening to shoot long-range nuclear missiles at us.

Egypt: An ally forever is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood to whom we are now selling sophisticated weaponry.


Iran: Totally has rejected any of our demands and to talk peace with us and is ready to blow Israel off the map.

Russia: Has resumed their Cold War position toward the United States.

Israel: Our closest Middle East ally doesn't trust us to help defend them anymore.

Libya: Kills our ambassador and three other Americans in what used to be regarded as an act of war while Ms. Clinton slithers out of town so others can explain and take the blame for "Benghazi-gate."

Obviously, Hillary wasn't ready for that "3 a.m. phone call" she accused then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama of not being ready for. This is the legacy we will remind her of in 2016.

Jim Rogers, Baltimore