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Immigrant driver's licenses protect the rest of us

The "What part of illegal don't you understand?" crowd is so busy hating they can't think straight. The letter writer who claims to have witnessed "illegals" in accidents seems most concerned that they didn't have insurance ("Licenses for illegal immigrants? That's crazy," March 18). It's a legitimate concern, but the solution is to grant driver's licenses to anyone who can afford the insurance.

I'm not sure how she would be privy to insurance information on the scene of the accident. Why would anybody proclaim either their immigration status or their insurance information to a standby xenophobe? But that is whole point of obtaining a license. You can't get one without having automobile insurance. Would anyone rather be in a car accident with or without insurance? If the former, then it seems abundantly logical that the hardworking immigrants who are qualified to participate in the work force either by the Maryland Dream Act or the DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals) executive order should by all means be allowed to work and obtain driver's licenses.

To deny automobile licenses to illegal immigrants would then have the rest of the driving public relying on their infallibility as drivers. Infallibility is for Popes, not undocumented workers.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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