Students at St. Joan of Arc School participate in conclave web chat with Archbishop Lori

The eighth grade students at St. Joan of Arc School participated in a Conclave web chat with William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore, on March 11. St. Joan of Arc School was one of 17 Catholic elementary schools invited to participate.

Archbishop Lori began the web chat with prayer and a PowerPoint presentation explaining the conclave to the students.


"This is a historical time in the life of our Church," the Archbishop said. Following the PowerPoint presentation, each school had one student ask a question.

Eighth grade student at St. Joan of Arc School, Erin Baier asked: "Do you think that abdicating or stepping down from the papacy will become more common as popes live longer and now with this precedent established by Pope Benedict XVI?"


The Archbishop responded that he felt like he was on CNN, and went on to say: "Pope Benedict was incredibly humble to admit that the job as pope demanded more than he and his health could offer."

He went on to say that future popes will take into account what Pope Benedict did.

"The Papacy has changed a lot over the years. The Pope is expected to travel the world," Archbishop Lori said.

According to Virginia Bahr, principal of St. Joan of Arc School: "We are excited that our school could participate in the web chat with Archbishop Lori. It was wonderful that Archbishop Lori could answer the students' questions and help explain this important event in our Church."

St. Joan of Arc School is a parish school within the Archdiocese of Baltimore and follows the policies of both the Archdiocesan Department of Catholic Education and the Maryland State Department of Education.

As a STEM School, St. Joan of Arc School follows a clearly defined model by the Archdiocese of Baltimore which includes continuous professional development of teachers, integrated use of computer technology and technology teaching tools, a successful advanced math track, data-driven decision making, the presence of a science lab and partnerships with businesses and/or universities focused on one or more STEM disciplines.