We should not be aiding Egypt when Maryland needs help

What! I can't believe it. The Sun reports that Secretary of State John Kerry promises to give Egypt $190 million to help the government pay its bills ("Egypt deal with IMF of paramount importance: Kerry," Mar. 2). Last week I heard it was $60 million. That was bad enough. They shouldn't get anything since Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has formed an alliance with Hamas who is supported by al-Qaida and Iran. We can't buy their loyalty when a majority of them advocate that Sharia law is their goal, not democracy.

Even more outrageous is your "Egyptian Strings" summary in your world news at the bottom of The Sun's front page. Ironically, it's in contrast to the large upper front page picture of a homeless Maryland woman and the story of her and her boyfriend's sad displaced situation, which I would call homeland insecurity. Where is Maryland's compassion for our own citizens during hard economic times? What does this tell us about our American values and priorities in terms of foreign policy vs. our domestic policies and/or sequestration cuts?

What is Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's take on all this other than her stated concern for the environment, unsafe fires, drug, alcohol and domestic violence? That's understandable, I agree; but while the emergency centers are a help, let's face it. These Americans need a job. Let's put them first for a change! And stop thinking that we don't have enough of our own people who wouldn't jump at a chance to have a full time job or two part time jobs to make ends meet.

Can't we replace despair with care? Job placement and guidance? Or at the least, give them the same consideration we give to illegal immigrants? Some homeless people may have personal issues that need professional care and/or assistance. But Maryland has to do better. We have a real growing problem with homelessness in this city but don't seem to have any problem with giving illegal immigrants food, medical assistance, housing, college scholarships, jobs and other perks in order to get their votes so they can keep these same rascals in office. That is, those who helped to create our $17 trillion deficit in the first place, and mostly due to many failed risky investment projects with taxpayers money.

If we as a nation are willing to promise $190 million to Egypt for people who form alliances with Hamas, al-Qaida and Sudan and who are our allies' dire enemies, then this threatens all Americans homeland security, be they rich, working middle class or poor.

Barbara Bloom, Owings Mills

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